Do you feel sometimes uninspired, living the same routines all over again?

I know that feeling of being stressed about life or the future, being overwhelmed all the time about things that I can not control.

All of us look and search for an inspired life, but the reality is just a few of us take the steps and do whatever it takes to live a meaningful life. 

Keep in mind these six principles as you seek an inspired life; they are the blueprint to find your way to a life that has meaning.

Be independent of the good opinions of others.

Being aware that other’s opinions does not define you in any way or shape. Taking the responsibility of your own choices helps you to be freer than ever fr what my others tell about you.

Siblings and relatives tend to be specialists for what is good or bad for us, being conscious if this helps you to accept their opinions without being affected by them or hurt. Because, in the end, they want us to be happy and prosperous. 

So the first step that you can take is to identify how much you allow others to decide what you will do next to where you will live.

It is imperative to listen to your inner calling without being prisoner of others’ opinions.

 Disapproval of others does not define you.

Once we start to follow what does tell us our heart, resistance will arise between You and the people surrounds you.

So be prepared to stick with your own choices, things that you believe in more than anything else even if you don’t take the approval of others. The momentum of the resistance will decrease by time because

Stay detached from outcomes.

Meeting goals or completing your task list does not bring inspiration to your life. Our purpose in life isn’t to arrive anywhere where we will find inspiration waiting for us.

When you eat your yummy ice cream, you don’t hurry to finish it. Instead, you enjoy every bite.

Influenced by social media and cultures that there is a specific model of inspiration one way to get it this kind of mindset prevents us from feeling inspired because all our attention is on the destination and not on enjoying our journey.

 Nothing is needed

  We came From a formless world to a boundary one, We arrived with nothing, and our return, we will have nothing. We are all that we need, just enough the way we are nothing more is required.

We need nothing more to be inspired, connected to a more extensive intelligence is much enough to feel inspired, and to feel the connectedness that resides inside us.

Don’t die wondering

None of us wants to be full of regrets about things that we wanted to do or a calling, purpose that we wanted to accomplish, but the culture rules were obstacles toward our calling.

We don’t regret what we have done but the things that we didn’t do. Inspiration has nothing to do with winning; it’s more about the way we adapted to see things.

Remember that our calling desires won’t arrive by our schedule.

Life is not linear; don’t be stubborn about the way you want things to happen to you, and there are unlimited opportunities for things to happen; just be willing to receive guidance. Obstacles in life have embedded opportunities, but only if you take one step back to see it. 

Remember that the challenges that you have right now will be the path for the things that you want, if only you let yourself open-minded.

Final Step:

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